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We can help you to assess the following aspects of your stress functioning:
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Psychological aspects of stress
  • Your physiological stress response
Stress Management Strategies
In a recent edition of Scientific American Mind, Robert Epstein took a new look at stress. Based on his research, the following stress strategies are listed in order of effectiveness:
1. Prevent Stress from Occuring
2. Manage Stress Sources
3. Relaxation Techniques
4. Manage Thoughts
Take  Robert Epstein's stress test here:
We can assist you to enhance your strategies.
Watch and listen to Dr Evian Gordon as he discusses his understanding of stress reduction based on research of the world's largest EEG database.
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Stress - Stress Reduction For the Brain
Stress Reduction For the Brain .I explore approaches for Stress Reduction Technique with a particular emphasis on a complementary, scientific, simple and easy to use tool, called MyCalmBeat
Our approach is drawn from the brain sciences and traditional stress mangement approaches. We can help you to identify the breathing rate at which you are most calm, focused and resilient.

 Barbara Fredrickson has demonstrated that a ratio of positive to negative emotions of 3 to 1 is a tipping point for an emotionally positive cascade that broadens and build and leads to a sense of personal flourishing. The emphasis is on the emotion as distinct from mere positive thinking.

Barbara Fredrickson also demonstartes that heart rate variabilty tone as trained by MyCalmBeat acts as the physiological gateway to increased positivity.
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